Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Oregon 2015, Part 3...Clatskanie

From the beach, I went straight to Kim's 10th baby shower.

It was so fun being able to celebrate this awesome milestone!

The following morning farmer Tim was castrating a bull.  We went and watched the process.

 It was an interesting process.

 The weather was hot and sweaty, and the river was the perfect spot to cool off!

There was a Keranen/Lever get together at Marc and Holly's.

A beautiful sunset on the river!

 Visiting at Kim and Aaron's.

Another gorgeous sunset!  We pulled into a park and watched the sun go down.

he town pool was another great place to cool off!

The berries were just starting to ripen.

 We had a nice visit at Lever's.

And another fun visit at Stef and Monica's.

A boat ride out to the Island.  Thanks to Kim and Aaron!

Morning light at the home front.

 Our boys love Timmer's farm!

 Aaron brought us couples on a boat ride from Vancouver to downtown Portland.

 It was a beautiful day with beautiful views!

We had lunch in Portland.

 Due a couple weeks apart.

 Part of the fun was jumping off the boat in a number of random spots on the river!

 We made it back from the boat ride in time for golden light at the farm! My favorite light!!

 Sunset on the dike.

Good morning Pays!

 Our last night of vacation we were able to help Tim with hauling hay.  Everyone loves doing it!

 We left the next morning and headed back home to Colorado.

We stopped for the night in Burley and found some fireworks to watch.

 Selfie time.

We left Burley the next morning and drove for most of the day and got home later that evening.
Thank you to everyone for the fantabulous trip!  We had the best time and loved seeing all our friends and family members!!