Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring break, part 1...

This year on our way to Phoenix, we made 2 little detours.  Our first detour was here at Antelope Canyon.  A place I would recommend anyone swing through and check out!  It is busy with tourists, and quite expensive for a 1 hour 15 minute tour.  But in my opinion, totally worth it!!

With that being said, here is our tour...

Waiting for our guide.

Our walk to the canyon.  It seems all there is for miles is flat, barren terrain.  That is until you come to a crack in the earth.

We descended some stairs into the canyon.  These stairs were quite steep at times!

The scenery was amazing!

Our teenager who was quite annoyed with us for detouring, was probably the most enthralled by the scenery. :)

At times I was wondering if I was going to squeeze through various parts, my backpack doubled my width.

Everyone down to the youngest was entranced.

They say not to climb on the rocks.  Can you imagine how hard it was for our boys to obey this rule?!

Through out the canyon, there were these little pockets of light.

Garrett was simply stunned. :)

The path was red/orange sand.  Fun for the little guys!

Many times along the walk, our guide would stop us and point out various things in the rocks.  (Rocky Mts, Mermaid, Indian,  and many more)  Daws was good at finding them.
This was the end to our tour. 

Our next detour was to the Grand Canyon.  We visited the South Rim and all it's splendor.

We stopped at the watch tower.  

 Viewing the canyon.  Thank goodness for those fences!

 Uh...careful Tiffs.   The ledges gave me the creeps!

 Follow the leader.

The canyon in shadows.

The detours were great!  We enjoyed every minute of them!
From the Grand Canyon we then headed to Phoenix...

a calm evening for frisbee golf.