Monday, April 28, 2014

17:52 Motivational Monday

When you have nothing to laugh about, laugh anyway.  
Soon you'll feel the healing power of joy and laughter  
bringing new energy and life to your weary, frustrating day.
- Thelma Wells

 Yesterday was a rotten weather day. Clarke, Garrett and I went on a walk.  We found this random puddle in the middle of the street and stopped to play.  The splashing and ensuing giggles definitely brought a smile and laughter on this glum day!  

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Break, Part 1

Our week in Arizona...

When hubby is with, the bugs usually get cleaned off.  I forget about having a clean windshield until the sun is shining straight in and I can't see. :)

Our lunch.  Sure beats McCracky's.

Out of sheer boredom I pulled out my camera.  

These licorice things kept the boys entertained for a little while.

A few sunset shots from the car.  

We arrived in the early evening.  We had some time to wind down and stretch after our 9 1/2 hour car ride.

 Our first morning there, Tiffany and Dana brought me up Black Mtn for sunrise.

We ended up with a gorgeous sunrise!!

A little yoga at the top. :-)

The sky was amazing!

Hey sister!

Taking it all in.

The sun just peeking up over the mountains.

Trying to get Dana yogaing and holding the sun.  Pretty much a failure. :)

Everyone needs to do a sunrise hike, it's stunning to say the least!

On our way down.  We were done hiking by 8am.  It was perfect!
We went goodwill shopping after hiking, 50% off day.  Loaded up on goods, failed to take pictures.  We then went swimming for the afternoon.

A large part of our vacation was spent at the pool.  We had perfect swimming weather, high 80's low 90's.

My special nephew. :-)

A basketball hoop came down on Dawson's head. Yikes!  Good thing he has a hard one, I think it could have been much worse!

The water was SO cold!  You would never know that, with the way the kids splashed around in it.

Love this!

Ha!  Now I know where some of our children get their weirdness from. :-)

Not sure why Parker's hair is orange in here?!  

Nerd alert!

Aunties are good for keeping the kids in line! :-) 

More to come...

Monday, April 21, 2014

16:52 Motivational Monday

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  
The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
-Thomas A. Edison

My dearest children have a way of making my grey hairs make a showing faster than they should!!
They definitely do not give up on this aspect of their lives, scaring their mother and watching her reaction.  They will always succeed in scaring me anytime they do something like this.  

On this particular day, I decided I would not show any emotion towards them.  I know they secretly love it when I screech and holler to get away from the edge.  I thought maybe if I showed no reaction they wouldn't think the edge was nearly as fun.  We were hiking Mushroom Rock, and along many parts of the trail there is lookouts like this.  They love walking out to the edge of these boulders and dangling their noses over them.  (Pew, I can hardly look at this picture without getting queasy)!  Parker is clearly waiting for a reaction from me.  Instead I hid behind my large camera and held my breath.  I hate heights, they nearly make my knees quiver!   I did not screech or holler.  It didn't matter, I must have turned 10 shades whiter.  That's all the reaction he needed, he succeeded!     

Unfortunately, they will take this quote with them forever and ever, and they most certainly will not give up on getting a reaction from me!  Just once I wish they would give up, but then I would probably have to give up on hiking.  It's a no win situation. :)

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