Friday, February 28, 2014

Powder day...

After a month or so of asking, my boys finally talked me into going skiing with them.  You see, I am definitely a fair weather skier.  I prefer blue bird days, with groomed trails.  This was not the case when we went!  Snowed all day, in fact it was a blizzard at times.  The snow was amazing, which was a bonus.  The mountain had been blasted with about a foot of freshies.  My legs barely made it through the day, sigh. :-)  These 3 were fine, since this was about their hundredth time going this year. 
Getting geared up and ready to head up the hill.

Connor (my middle child) melted my heart this day!  As we were preparing to get on the lift, he was right by my side giving instructions.  "Mom, as soon as that chairlift goes around you need to start scooting to the line. Then, make sure you hold your poles up.  Also Mom, these chairlifts are fast turn to the inside to get a hold on the pole.  I don't want you falling off."  So cute!  (I'm pretty sure he thought this was my first time ever skiing.) When we were nearing the end of our ride up the chairlift, "Mom, hold the tips of your skiis up. You don't want them getting caught."  

They brought me down some difficult hills.  Connor was right behind me.  At one point I told him he could race ahead and not wait for me.  He told me, "No, I will follow you.  I want to make sure you get down this hill okay."  My heart double sighed.  He stayed by me all day and waited and was patient with me.  
It was snowing this hard all day. 

Mid afternoon I convinced the boys they needed a hot chocolate/snack break.  My legs were wheezing!

After our break, we headed back out for a few more runs.  They went off every bump they could find.  I went around every bump I could see.

I had been dragging my feet about going for weeks.  Boy am I happy I decided to go.  We ended up with less than ideal weather, but wonderful snow!  And my heart was filled to full by my 9 year old.  I will take love in anyway or form.  In fact, this day in a blizzard on Sunlight mountain.

Monday, February 24, 2014

8:52 Motivational Monday

We cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created a problem.  
We must change the way we think.
-Mary Marx...adaption from Einstein

Some of you are probably going huh?  What do these pictures have to do with the quote?!  I must admit, some of the quotes we are given are quite difficult to figure out a picture to go with.  

Clarke doesn't necessarily have a problem in here.:-)  My thinking is, that if Clarke wasn't able to change his thinking he would never be able to show this many emotions.  He would be stuck on the first pose, which would be a problem.  

I know this is a stretch, but it works good enough in my books.  Plus, I think Clarke makes a pretty good actor.  Most of you could probably guess what his emotion is in each picture. :-)
And yes, I was quite bored one day.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sisters weekend a few months back

Back at the end of October of last year, my mom and my sisters got together in Breckenridge.  Our excuse for getting together, was to celebrate my sister Amy's and sisinlaw Corrine's 30th birthdays. These pictures are old, but decided to post them for my sweet sisters.

We did plenty of chilling and visiting.  Oh... and baby snuggling.

Tuned in.

Grandma's arms were usually full.

Love this little guy!  Or should I say big. ;-)
Good morning Gretch!

Sweet niece.

Munchable cheeks!

A few of us went into town on Saturday.

We found humor in quite a bit while there.

Ha!  Not sure what Caroline is doing in here?!

Downtown Breckenridge.

We sat at a little park for a while.  It was pretty with fall colors.

Dana adding her input to a community chalk board.

Yes, we are kind of nerdy. 

Hey cute sister!

Enjoying coffee and the fresh air.

It started snowing.  Pretty comfy sitting by the outdoor fire place.

No lack of laughing with Dana around.

Dana took this picture and was obviously doing something nerdy.  

Breckenridge is such a cute little town.

Some played games.

More visiting outside in the warm fall air.

We stopped on our way home from shopping and did a few selflies by Dillon Lake. It was frigid and windy!  Regardless, I'm happy everyone was game to pose.  Only 2 sisinlaws were absent, Barb and Leila.  Other than that we were able to all be together.  It was a wonderful weekend!

Mom and all us Sisters.  

Beautiful baby Sister.

When we got back from shopping a couple ladies had come.  They put on a skit and stayed for the evening with us.

Then we celebrated 30 years for these two.

All of us again.

The next morning we left to our various parts of the country.  It was a such a fun, short weekend!  
Now, we will wait for the next 30 or 40 birthday to come along.  Gives us a great reason to get together again.