Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Break, Part 3

My last batch of pictures from our week…

This mondo pogo stick was a fought after toy.  That is until it broke! :)

I had a chance to photograph the Simonson kiddos. Cute kids!

Love this boy!  Little impy 2 year old! 

Their oh for adorable baby!

Who just started grinning. :)

Beautiful family!

Always some form of work to be done on vacation.

Desert  flowers.

Apparently this is how my boys swing.

The slides at the park were made into part of the frisbee golf course.

More flowers...

Collin was having a rough morning!

Katelin and baby Keaton.

Hey there Aila!

The kitchen was a constant bustle!

Keaton on camera posing duty.

Work out videos with Auntie Dana and Tiffany.

Preparing dinner.

Hey handsome, what's cooking?

More frisbee golf.

I guess Garrett thought I was one of the targets.

Check out Katelin in these 2 shots.  Top one she's preparing to throw, bottom one she threw and nearly tagged Dawson in the head. :)  Love her expressions!

Trikes are a common scene at Grandma's.

A few of us hiked up Black Mountain.

The hike is very steep! 

Almost to the top.

The kids that came with Connie and I.

Connie and her girls.

Three of my boys and I.

Whoa Parker, quit teetering on the edge!!

Writing on the black rocks at the top.

Garrett balancing on the highest point. :)

Colorful rock.

Cactus flower.

View from halfway down.

Almost down.

Love these! 

The line for bump.

A common site during our week. (bump)

Clarke couldn't play, but would sneak in every once in a while and try make a basket.

                            One evening we left the children at home and went and ate at Oregano's.

Dad and Mom.  <3

Liz and Timo

Mom and Caroline.

Tiffs and Jake.

Uh ok Dana!  I guess you would call that a maternity pose. :)  Goofball!

Lovely sisters!


Good times!

Smiley baby.


Was so fun to see Connie and Steve for a few days!

What's that?!

The end.

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  1. This is a great batch of pics! So many fun moments. I like Bear's cheese in the bump line-up pic. He must have just got some little helpless kid out and is feeling pleased with himself ;)