Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Break, Part 2

Our week continues…

Sunday morning prep.

We had a fun day at Robby and Caroline's!  Barbecued for lunch, then swam the day away.

Watching Dad's technique.

I think there were a few hungry kids! 

Kids sure had fun splashing the day away.

Not sure if swimming is what he wants?! ;)

Watch out Costin, trouble is about to get you!

Someone enjoyed their ice-cream to the max!

Back at Mom and Dad's.

Maternity shoot. jk :)

Evening shadows.

Visiting on the front patio.

Pizza for dinner.

Love these blossoms!

Mom provided us with some entertainment. :)

Frisbee golf with Uncle Jake.  

Selecting their next target.

A walk with the family in the dessert.

Here come the masses.

Such a beautiful time of day!  

A Jumping Choya (sp?).  Those cactus parts that jump seem quite hazardous! Hate to run into one of those.

Walking the loop.


These were about the only flowers in bloom while we were there.

And now they were headed back.  Don't they look cute?  All walking in a line following the leader!

One more post to come. :)

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